Electronic device warning of life Mail

My intention is only to show that this device does. Imagine that your father, mother, grandfather falls alone and not have anyone around to help is difficult to rescue the elderly is not able to make a wireless connection to any or warn of the life of the parent that needs help in ecco e4 correio .

Thinking this was developed the brickhousealert that it is a necklace which is 24 hours in the elderly and just pressing the button the family can be reminded of the of the state of emergency in ecco e7 correio eletronic,

There is also a device capable of informing the time to take the medicines and another that placed in specific locations of the house can detect smoke and avoid a fire. these devices are increasingly used in Japan Masi and know they can be of ecco caixas great help to families who can not get time. I suggest you never leave your family alone more older if you do leave with a minimum of comfort care and safety.
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