Use of Advertising on Mobile

Hello I speak in mobile advertising, recent research indicates that the use of mobile advertising is growing in gandemente and the Brazilians are the most like to receive SMS (mobile text messages), many have been registered to receive services in short codes many promotions and mobile advertising and trade this market is growing strongly and will show some ways that companies have used SMS to reach their customers.

1 - In packages of product, mobile marketing SMS has a code that can be used to enable the receipt of free advertising in mobile, key products that use this type of advertising: packaging of chocolate, biscuits and cereal box stuffed.

2 - In charge of the supermarket, the supermarket has notinha tax that the customer usually reads the mobile coupons and there is activation of the mobile sms.

3 - Using database marketing printed on their products to ensure that prizes and free products in exchange courtesies and the activation of sms on your phone and that more use this feature are: soda, bottle cap, plush bears on the labels of clothes.

4 - There are also sites that use the resources to keep its readers updated with the Dicadedica keep everybody updated via RSS Twitter or other program that put all the updates of the site registered in mobile marketing company the cell.

In general the research shows that this market is fairly valued in Brazil, because Brazil is still new and new loves so Brazil has been the sight of Digital Marketing in addition to mobile and other media.
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