I wanted to do My Answers About GPS

How do you feel about people or things being tracked anywhere you go using GPS Tracking technology?

I feel safe on the one hand and the other insecure, because it is very important that the company will commit fewer crimes monitored by eye, on the other hand, the virtual cyber crime has happened with great frequency in recent years, and in the context of technology , Yet none can be considered one hundred percent safe.

Is it OK to track your employees with GPS Tracking technology? What about your spouse? Your Kids? Your Pet?

I do not agree on the monitoring of employees using the technology of tracking, no matter to which I was employed or cease to go, that's his problem, the important thing is the result. About the spouse, I think stupidity, if the couple has problems with confidence, the better it is separate, in case you need to prove something, I better be hiring the service together with a specialist. now the children agree to a certain age. the principal is to provide the child the option of choice. The pets must be at least a collar with GPS Tracking because it is common animals lost or stolen doing this helps prevent hijacking.

What if YOU were being tracked? Would you track your spouse if you felt she was cheating on you staying out late at night?

If I were not being monitored, I'm already being monitored, wanting or not, everything we do online is being recorded somewhere that can be used in their favour or against you, not me incomodo in the government know where I am going up I find it interesting that can even be used as a alibe to avoid injustice. Me bothers yes, if my partner want to track my steps without apparent reason or my parents while leaving the college. what should have is a system that is used in situations really important to extreme levels, as inlicitas situations where processes and separation. I do not feel a reality show.

What tracking applications could you come up with?

It could create an application that if the child becomes more than 24 hours without entering a house, an alarm automatically links providing the location, thereby avoiding kidnapping and while not being a discomfort for the child.
It could also create a system which would show where the taxes are passing buses and trains that precise in this time and wait as I will need to take advantage of transport desired.
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